Film Workshop

San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers

A comprehensive film studies program for teens and college students. Offers a weekly filmmaking workshop October-June and a 9-day summer film intensive.


MAD ALICE by Teodora Mihai

A girl (Catherine Fitzgerald) finds a broken watch in a mysterious suitcase. Is she going mad? This is the first film of Belgian/Romanian filmmaker Teodora Mihai (WAITING FOR AUGUST).

THE HOLE by Eddie Rose

A man pursued by personal demons does what he must to escape them.

GARAGE by Jasmine De Lung, Oliver McCarthy & Cassady Winston

This film is the product of one of our earliest assignments: to use a camera to capture a sense of "place".

GRAVITY HOTEL by Teodora Mihai & Florica Vlad

Teodora & Florica's "place film" explores a San Francisco art installation.