Film Workshop

San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers

A comprehensive film studies program for teens and college students. Offers a weekly filmmaking workshop October-June and a 9-day summer film intensive.


STRANDED by Clio Gevirtz

A group of dancers on their way to a competition find themselves stranded when their bus breaks down. Most of them just try to pass the time, but one refuses to give up hope of making the performance.

NOMINEE: GOLDEN GATE AWARD - YOUTH: San Francisco Intl. Film Festival
Screened at: International Student Film Festival Hollywood, Harvard-Westlake Festival and Nashville Film Festival.

A TITAN'S FALL by Charles Blecker

A wunderkind director (Graham Bennett) and his devoted assistant (Miranda Autumn Lewis) try to bring their original play to production in spite of trio of colorful, derelict actors (James Reece, Joanna Kay, Ross Murray).

Screened at International Student Film Festival Hollywood, Youth Works Northampton, New Haven Film Festival and Urban Media Makers Festival.

2X2 by Ruby Drake

Four Screens. Four Stories. A grandmother (Tracy Blackstone) burns her popcorn; The guy upstairs (Kyle Glasow) is pursued by the girl downstairs (Brittany Fritts) but he only has eyes for the building super (Nathan Emley); meanwhile, a husband (Jeff Newton) is caught red-handed by his wife (Jocelyn Alive).

Screened at International Student Film Festival Hollywood; NFFTY Seattle; Harvard-Westlake Festival, Tower of Youth Sacramento, Lovett Film Festival Atlanta and South Bay Student Film Festival.

HOMESCHOOL PROM by Sebastian Kleppe

Five homeschoolers unite together to escape their over-supervised and underwhelming prom.  Will these socially awkward teens survive the dark world beyond homeschool? They may not have friends, but they have hope.

Screened at Mill Valley Film Festival.