Film Workshop

San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers

A comprehensive film studies program for teens and college students. Offers a weekly filmmaking workshop October-June and a 9-day summer film intensive.



Two shady-looking characters drive through the early morning city, passing judgement on the people they encounter, but nothing is as it seems

Screened at: Tower of Youth, Sacramento

WENCHES & WARRIORS by Sebastian Kleppe

Maisie joins her local LARPing society in order to play a fearless warrior, but the powers that be think she's only fit to play the tavern wench. To change her fate she takes matters into her own hands. Fortune favors the bold!


RUN RUN AWAY by Ruby Drake

A high school track star doesn't want to face the realities of her relationships with her family and friends. She tries to outrun them but life always catches up.

Screened at San Francisco International Film Festival, All American High School Film Festival (NYC), The Lovett School Film Festival and on KQED.

YEAR OF PLENTY by Natasha Laskey

Insulted by the popular girls at school, a group of shy teenagers decide to raise their status by forming a rock band. How far will they go to put a mean girl in her place?

Screened at Mill Valley Film Festival, Sidewalk Festival (Birmingham, AL) and CINEYOUTH (Chicago, IL)


FORGETTING by Laura Hanson

An older man suffering from memory-loss struggles to connect with his son.

WINNER: Sebastian Kleppe for Best Photography at American Youth Festival (Atlanta, GA)
Screened at Sidewalk Festival (Birmingham, AL) and Tower of Youth (Sacramento, CA).


NOIR by Kai Langford-Do

A writer takes inspiration from the world around him, but the images he creates begin to affect the world in disturbing ways.

Screened at Tower of Youth (Sacramento, CA) and American Youth Festival (Atlanta, GA)


IMAGE by Eliana Henrich


A young man wanders through town hoping to run into the woman of his dreams.