Film Workshop

San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers

A comprehensive film studies program for teens and college students. Offers a weekly filmmaking workshop October-June and a 9-day summer film intensive.



A group film shot in the California College of the Arts green screen studio. In this over-the-top satire of 80's educational television, Guitar Greg takes a group of kids to the shopping mall and beyond to discover how leather shoes are made.

Screened at Mill Valley Film Fest, Tower of Youth Sacramento, Santa Cruz Film Fest and NFFTY, Seattle.


A teenager (Julia Farrow) tries to find independence from her possessive mom (Margaret Weir). The more she struggles, the harder the world seems to push back.

RIVALS by Natasha Laskey

On the track, a bashful jogger (Dorian Cunningham) gets encouragement from his best friend (Sam Koch).
Can he find the courage to ask a popular girl (Laila Shaker) to the prom before someone else does?

Screened at Sacramento Youth Fest, NFFTY Seattle and Nashville Fllm Festival.

DUEL by Anna Papitto

These performers are definitely a bad match - he's a pushy extrovert (Sam Rubin) and she's a brooding introvert (Sophia Papitto). Something's got to give and the duet turns into a duel.

Screened at NFFTY Seatlle, Chicago Youth Festival and Sacramento Youth Festival.