Film Workshop

San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers

A comprehensive film studies program for teens and college students. Offers a weekly filmmaking workshop October-June and a 9-day summer film intensive.

THE FILM WORKSHOP is offered annually is open to all Bay Area students, from late middle school through college. The Workshop meets on Sundays between 11 and 6:30pm, from October through mid-June, culminating in a student film festival celebrating their work.

Each year, new students are introduced to the fundamentals of professional filmmaking while returning students refine and deepen their skills. The Workshop acts as producer, helping students to build a portfolio of work that will help them get into film schools and develop a foundation of skills – looking, seeing, thinking, doing - that will serve them throughout their careers.

The program includes a series of eight video lesson films created by Ronald Chase, Cornerstones of Film Making. Students' first assignments are to make short (1-2 minute) films that show an understanding of the principles set forth in the lessons.

The Film Workshop is offered for a nominal fee of $2000, non-refundable. Students accepted into the program will need a digital camera with a manual adjustment option. If they do not have one, their cell phones can be used for their first films. Students who demonstrate skill and dedication can apply for scholarships in their second year.

Students may enter at any time in the year, depending on their needs, and can make up what they have missed on their own time. There is a reduction of the fee for students entering after January.

Interested students should send their name, age, school and any past experience in filmmaking. To apply, contact program director Ronald Chase at

Ronald Chase has created teaching tools that include a series of excellent videos that teach filmmaking in the context of film history. He’s enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and a fine teacher — I highly recommend his classes.
— Eleanor Coppola
Director, Hearts of Darkness
In my 43 years of working in both narrative and documentary films I am more impressed with his graduates than any other program I’ve seen.
— Vivien Hillgrove
Editor, Unbearable Lightness of Being
& The Right Stuff